Late Summer Sunrise

Wow, it has been a busy summer and promises to be an event-filled fall. Everyone at AMTS has been flat out working on exciting projects and traveling to various parts of the world. We have been so hectic that we have not had much time to devote to blog updates. This will be a little catch up and a teaser of exciting things to come.

In the last posting, you were introduced to Galit Machpesh, a nutritionist-consultant from South Africa contracting with AMTS with specialization in Mill integration software. Galit’s feet had barely touched US soil before she was off to China at the invitation of a farmer group; she brought the model biology to an eager and receptive audience. Since returning she has been hard at work integrating the model into cloud-based mill software for greater functionality for our clients.


Galit in the Forbidden City

Tom has been globetrotting again with presentations and work sessions in South America and Africa. Sessions in South America, especially those very ably coordinated by our distributor in Brazil, Dr. Marcelo Ramos, focused on the Academic Initiative Materials as an assist for using the model at university level.

Lynn has been continuing to provide her excellent level of support to all our users. Her summers are usually travel light but this year saw her out and about as she brought new user groups up to speed in intensive work sessions. Because of the success of the Academic Initiative, she and Mariann are developing a “New Users’ Packet” with tutorials and presentations on model biology to speed up proficiency. There will be a lot of questions with the new biology, we will have the materials ready to help in the transition.


The Groton Office

We have all been busy moving into our new office in Groton. Located on Cortland Avenue, the former attorney’s office gives us a place come together to collaborate and hold small group meetings. It is a lovely old building with all sorts of neat architectural details. We will be working on getting interiors repainted and refitted to our needs. The first group we hosted at the new location was Mole Valley Farmers and Three Counties Feed from the UK. In addition to presentations on the new biology at our Groton office, they were treated to presentations by Dr.s Michael VanAmburgh and Tomas Overton at Cornell as well as farm tours of the Cornell Ruminant Research Center (Dr. William Prokop) and EZ Acres (McMahon’s). The group of 16 came from various parts of the UK and left us to further tour areas of the Northeast before returning back home.


Mole Valley Farmers and Three Counties Feeds at the new conference room

We have had a very positive response to academics using our program for teaching nutrition courses. The Academic Initiative has been available since late spring. Mariann spent a good deal of time at the summer ADSA meeting working with interested users. The packet materials will undergo major revisions as we incorporate the 6.5 biology into the program and teaching materials.

To that effort, over the next few weeks, here at the blog we will feature a series of posting providing background and education about the CNCPS model. Tom has been working with Mike VanAmburgh developing material to help educate users on the coming changes to the biology. Since the last comprehensive change to the model, researchers have been delving deeper into understanding the mechanics of fiber and amino acid digestion. Mike says, “With each refinement of the model, we take more of the ‘art’ out of ration formulation”. We are getting nearer to truly grasping how each ingredient can incrementally affect production or gain. In a world of growing population with static resources, maximum feed efficiency will not just be wise economically but critical to our survival.


Mole Valley Group at EZ Acres

We will also be delving into new technology with a series of podcasts about the history of the model, the new biology incorporated into 6.5, and the future (7.0 is in the works!). Recognizing that we are all busy and have limited hours in the day to read up on new biology, we thought explanatory podcast would be useful to the busy nutritionist wanting to understand the changes as quickly as possible. Downloadable to portable devises, you will be able to take the information with you as you travel to visit clients. Caroline and Mariann are die hard podcast listeners; they think users will welcome a chance to hear all about the model as they drive to appointments, exercise, or perform any mindless task. Yes, they may be slightly strange. But it is worth a go. Check back in for more details.

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