We are excited and pleased to announce the addition of a distributor for AMTS in Italy. Dr Elena Bonfante has completed the needed training to support AMTS.Cattle.Pro users. She has been working with us to provide an Italian translation for the program. That feature will soon be available from the setting screen. Elena has provided information about her and Dairy Innovations Italia, the business collaboration of Elena and Dr. William Prokop of Dairy Innovations, USA, below.


“Dairy Innovations Italia, is a subdivision of Dairy Innovations (USA) LLC, and is under the direction of Dr. Elena Bonfante in collaboration with Dr. William J Prokop.

Dr. Bill Prokop a 1975 graduate of CALS, and a 1979 graduate of the NYSCVM at Cornell University. He has worked as a dairy practitioner for over 35 years, with a focus on prevention of clinical disease through ration formulation, and best management practices, with an emphasis on animal welfare. In this capacity, he has been part of Operations Management as one of two veterinarians overseeing five, 3000 cow dairies, and is currently Director of Operations for the Cornell University Ruminant Center, in Dryden, N.Y. He provides management and nutritional services to dairies and allied industries throughout the US, and internationally, and is an advocate of the application CNCPS model platform for feeding herds to achieve greater efficiency with less detrimental environmental impact.

Dr. Bonfante is a veterinary doctor, graduated in Bologna. She completed her PhD in Veterinary Sciences under the supervision of Prof. Andrea Formigoni. Her research focused on understanding and modeling digestibility of fiber in lactating cows. During her Ph.D., she spent 7 months at Cornell University where she conducted research at the CURC through, the Dept. of Animal Science under the supervision of Dr. Mike Van Amburgh. While at the CURC she began her training in applied dairy nutrition and management through working with dairies throughout the US and Italy.

The Dairy Innovations group provides consultative services in nutrition and management directly to dairies, in collaboration with nutritionists, and with industry. Their focus is improvement of animal health and productivity through animal wellness centered management, as well as ration formulation that optimizes the wellbeing of the cow and the environment. Accordingly, it employs a dynamic rationing model, based on the Cornell Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS) equations developed at Cornell University. Additionally, DI is an advocate for the application of relevant technologies that improve the sustainability of the dairy operation by improving the health, and wellbeing of the cattle.


The goal of DI is to work with, (and not for) producers that seek to be the “Best,” recognizing that this is a moving target, and being the ”Best” requires the quest for continuous improvement. Accordingly, DI strives to be the “Partner of Choice” for those looking to take the next step in moving their operation forward.”

~Dr. Elena Bonfante


To contact Dr Bonfante email her at elenabonfante@outlook.it.

We welcome Elena to our extended AMTS Team of Distributors and look forward to collaborating with her and Dr Prokop helping make all AMTS software and support available to Italian nutritionists!

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