Here in the US, we have a very small part of the population feeding the majority of the people very cheaply. Decades of  government promulgated farm policy has ensured that consumers continue to pay a very small percentage of their paycheck for food, especially when compared to the rest of the world. 


Since most people are removed from the work and memory of work associated with farming there is an increasing nostalgia for the perceived “simpler way of life” old fashioned farming provided. Affluent consumers increasingly seek out products from what they, and ad agencies profiting from the “let’s go back to one cow and a garden” desire,  feel is a more honest way of farming. They conveniently forget that farmers, too, would like to have an income that can afford them the same luxuries the consumers have and the free time to enjoy those luxuries. They also ignore that not all consumers have the income to afford the so-called honestly produced food.


A lot of farmers have adopted technologies that have helped them improve their bottom-line,generate more output per producer, are more efficient uses of resources, better for the environment, and still maintain cheap food for all the people not producing it. This is called factory farming by the non-farm community and is disparaged as pushing out farm families. This really irritates the farm families who are operating those so-called factory farms, which in turn, employ families. It is really nice to see a company that recognizes that large farms are not necessarily owned by large corporations (and corporate farms are not necessarily bad).


We liked the commercial Dodge ran during the Super Bowl and like this commercial McDonalds recently put up.

One of the best features of the CNCPS model employed by AMTS.Cattle.Pro is the preciseness of connecting inputs to outputs. As research on cattle nutrition evolves, so too, will the program. One of our goals is to help those farm families gain an advantage through better allocation of resources and better control of outputs. We know farmers care and work hard. It is nice to see others show their appreciation as well.

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