by Caroline Rasmussen



Lynn and I attended the AFIA (American Feed Industry Association) Feed Industry Institute in Minneapolis MN last week.  My brain is just recovering from being stuffed past capacity with a wide variety of information about the feed industry.

The topics built on each other with a very practical educational focus.  The speakers were terrific – interesting, prepared, and knowledgeable.  The program was fun and well organized.  About 150 students attended.  It was especially encouraging to see many young people in the audience.  The AFIA Institute is held every other year.  I hardily recommend it for anyone in our industry.

One of the fun things that the organizers did is have a quiz or game show type event reviewing each day’s classes.  I challenge YOU to take a quiz covering some of the topics that we learned about this week.

  1. The most important (but commonly overlooked) nutrient is_____.
  2. Which vitamin is from the German (Danish) word for “clotting”__?
  3. Production for most commercial vitamins is done in this country _?
  4. Rank these countries 1 (highest)-4 in 2014 wheat production: India, China, Russia, USA.
  5. Match the number of taste buds to the animal
    1. Cat                             1. 0
    2. Cow                           2. 473
    3. Human                     3. 9,000
    4. Snake                        4. 25,000
  6. The anti-tumor properties of CLA (conjugated linoleic acids) were first discovered with this experiment:
    1. Analysis of charred ground beef by researchers at University of Wisconsin.
    2. Analysis of cockroaches eating Cornell University ice cream in Morrison Hall, Ithaca.
    3. Analysis of long lived mice living in Wageningen University cheese production facility.
  7. percentage of Americans that spend less than 16 minutes preparing dinner on the average weekday.
    1. 1%
    2. 9%
    3. 19%
    4. 29%
  8. An Oklahoma State University study on GMOs found that ____% of responding consumers support mandatory labeling of foods containing DNA.
    1. 8 %
    2. 20 %
    3. 65 %
    4. 80 %
  9. Pet food manufacturers are adding this supplement to make your pet smarter (maybe there is hope for Burt, who can’t figure out the cat door!):
    1. Omega 3 FA
    2. L Carnitine
    3. Glucosamine
    4. Chicken Liver
  10. The size of the global feed additive market in 2016 is estimated to be:
    1. $ 5 Billion
    2. $ 19 Billion
    3. $ 25 billion?


  1. Water (this answer was contested, a 2nd speaker said PROTEIN was MOST important)
  2. K (Koagulation)
  3. China
  4. China, India, Russia, USA
  5. Snake=0; Cate=473; Humans=9000; Cows=25,000 (note: taste may help grazing animals avoid potentially poisonous foods)
  6. A
  7. C
  8. D
  9. A
  10. B


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