We all like Bright Shiny Objects!

When we release a new version, sometimes it acts just as a patch. In that case you click on the link and it patches the updates into the existing program. Sometimes the overhaul is so extensive that a new installation of the program is necessary. AMTS.Cattle.Pro v 3.5.05 requires that sort of installation. Since yesterday’s release, Lynn has been getting calls.

The email blast Lynne sent out Monday to alert users to the new version and provide a link included the following line, “Please uninstall your current program and reinstall from the following linkExisting customers HATE to uninstall programs containing information they have spent hours working on. DO NOT FEAR!!!! All of the farm files, feed libraries, templates, etc. will be safe—saved in the AMTS folders in your documents. If you are using Windows Explorer go into Control Panel >Programs and Features.

Once you have completed the steps to uninstall the older version, go ahead—Click on this link here.Go ahead, click it, you know you want to. If you still have problems or just like Lynn’s voice, then call her.


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