There has been a hubbub in the industry regarding the pending release of the CNCPS v 6.5. Nutritionists who are users of the model have been both anticipatory and concerned—”How will the changes affect my numbers?”, “What do I need to do differently?”, “How should I advise my clients to change their programs?”, “How will this improve what I am already doing?” etc. The laboratories are primarily concerned about how they might need to change methods and analysis request forms. We, as one of the commercial versions of the CNCPS, are concerned that we should be quick to modify our platform to accommodate the changes and make sure the transition is as painless as possible for our users. The modeling group wants to ensure that the implementation of the new biology is understood and properly characterized. Everyone just wants to get it right.


With the exception of the nutritionists (who can only wait), everyone has been intensely focused on getting the new version out. Cornell has been double checking the biology, the programmers have been busy making sure all the equations flow—both old and new, the laboratories have been busy learning assay protocols and incorporating the new terminology both into their forms and into their analysis return information. Our team has been coordinating with Cornell to best incorporate the changes into our program. Tom, as one of the principles behind advancing the biology since 1990, is still integrally involved in every aspect of the model. It has been important that all branches of this network of people and institutions work in a coordinated fashion to best advance the field of ruminant nutrition.

None of us take changing the model upon which so many depend lightly. We know that many nutritionists and producers rely on this program for their livelihoods, their reputations, the health of their animals, and the efficiency use of finite resources. For that reason, while it may be nearly irresistible to rush to press with the “NEW VERSION OF CNCPS v 6.5”, it does no one any benefit to hurry the process. The formulators of the model want to be sure all parts are working and predicting as the research has shown. AMTS wants to make sure we have done as much as possible to have the updates run smoothly and have provided as much information to our users to allow them to quickly move into feeding cattle utilizing the new biology.

The updates to the model are very close to release; we strongly feel we are partners with both the modeling group and the nutritionists this model serves. It is important to us that we stay true to our values and true to the model biology. Refer back for our educational series in the coming weeks. Please feel very welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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