One of the features available with AMTS.Pro, and; indeed, any of the CNCPS biology based modeling programs, is the user’s ability to change the digestibility rates of any feed. This is part of the license offered by Cornell when they grant a license to a nutrition software company, like AMTS, to use the 6.1 biology. Changing the rates is not changing any of the core biology, just changing how fast feeds are digested. Because the biology remains the same, the nutritional modeling software being sold that is based on CNCPS will return like answers. If the predictions are not similar, some changes have been made with the core biology and it is not CNCPS anymore.

Changing the rates is easily done in AMTS.Pro.

Step 1. Open the Feeds Screen

Step 2. Send the Feed that you want to change digestibilities into Farm Feedbank

Step 3. Click Edit button for the Feed you wish to change

Step 4. Slide side bar downward to expose the Show Rates Bar

Step 5. After you click the Bar to expose the Protein and Carbohydrate pool rates

It is pretty simple. Remember, any changes you make in the rates will affect any Recipe that feed is used in for that farm.

This is one of the ways in which CNCPS differs from the CPM based models. In CPM efficiency rates could be changed. This changes the core of the biology resulting in different predictions depending on the “version” you are using.

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