Ruminations, the AMTS blog, is intended to be a place where we can more informally exchange information and ideas about the Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems products and activities.

We will provide opportunities for program use training with our video series posts, we will keep you informed of meetings and industry events, and we will feature guest posts from colleges and nutritional experts.

Our blog is a collaborative effort. Some of the voices will be AMTS principals, some will be experts who have contracted with us to help clients utilize our products; some will be nutritionists around the world, helping us acquire a global perspective; and some will be educators and pioneers in the field.

August 2018

Adjusting Inputs for Heat Stress

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July and August can bring lots of heat and humidity in North America.  Don’t forget the importance of changing some of the barn/lot settings in your AMTS.Cattle.Professional program at this time of year. Heat to a cow is not friendly. 

August Webinars–Twice the fun, and then some!

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In late June part of the AMTS team went to Knoxville for the ADSA Annual meeting. While Tom and Sam spent time meeting about and delving into  deep nutritional questions, Mariann collected speakers for The Nutritionist 2019 and touched base with the

July 2018

Save the Date! January 23-24th 2019 AMTS User Meeting

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The dates are picked- we’re packing our bags and headed to Savannah Georgia, January 23 and 24th 2019.  We will be going over the latest biology behind all of the AMTS products, go through our NEW products, and send you

Pro Video Manual–AMTS.Cattle.Pro File Structure

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I am a huge proponent of using the internet as a resource for figuring out how to do things in programs. There are countless articles and videos explaining document editing, spreadsheet building, even how to post how-tos on the internet.

June 2018

Meet Vivian

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AMTS is excited to welcome Ziwei (Vivian) Wu to our company. She joined the team in May, hired for her excellent abilities in programming, web-based languages, and all-around "we think she will fit" vibe. As Vivian explained to us, in

March 2018

Tags integration with Feed Mill Tag in FBM and Pro

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Do You Need an Inexpensive Way to Print Federal and State Approved Feed Tags? AMTS.Feedbank Manager is now compatible with Feed Mill Tag software ( Feed Mill Tag software is an on-line tool, created by Medicated Feeds of Belle Plaine,

December 2017

New Italian Distributor: Dairy Innovations Italia

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We are excited and pleased to announce the addition of a distributor for AMTS in Italy. Dr Elena Bonfante has completed the needed training to support AMTS.Cattle.Pro users. She has been working with us to provide an Italian translation for

A Present for You! The New Mixes Screen!

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The latest release of AMTS.Cattle.Pro features a completely re-vised way of dealing with mixes. The first change was to stop calling compilations of separate ingredients composites and just call them mixes. The reason they have been called composites for years

October 2017

Software update for Mac users

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AMTS.Cattle.Pro is a windows based program that must be run on a virtual PC for our Mac users. Tom and Lynn both run the program on Macs. Tom recently updated to  VMWare Fusion released v10 and experienced an issue with his license.

May 2017

The Nutritionist Webinars–Update–CEU Credits

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We are just shy of the halfway point in our year with The Nutritionist 2017. The webinars, thus far, have been very well attended and wonderfully thought provoking. Some of the speakers have presented alternative ways of looking at ruminant