splash-screenWe are especially excited to release the latest version of AMTS.Cattle. This release, officially version 4.7 has a number of functionality improvements. As always, we have created a pdf that opens at program start–make sure you attend to it. You will find that it alerts you to the changes and provides some insight about how the program changes work. Also, with this download you will be informed there is a new manual and prompted to download. You should, this manual includes the last version (October 2016 release) updates. If you remember, we went to an on-line registration system with that release. The updated manual contains instructions for that process.

The upgrade we are most excited about it the improvement in the Advance Optimizer. The new Advanced Optimizer uses a genetic algorithm to breed a better ration. Sam made it his mission to test the heck out of the optimizer. He wrote a blog article about the Advanced Optimizer, which will be published later today, and worked with Mariann to record two videos that demonstrate optimization. We broke the videos into two, approximately 15 minutes each; in the first Sam covers setting a ration up for optimizing and runs the standard, or least cost optimizer. Sam covers very well the steps that that he goes through when he is either teaching the optimizer or using it himself. The second video covers the Advanced Optimizer. Since the set up is the same for the Standard as the Advanced Optimizer, we recommend you watch both.

Optimizer set-up and Linear Optimization from AMTS on Vimeo.

Advanced Optimizer Functionality from AMTS on Vimeo.


For those of you who are standard license holders, watch the Advanced Optimizer video–you may find that you want to consider upgrading your account to include the Advanced Optimizer. As always, if you have any questions, contact support@agmodelsystems.com

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