I got waylaid by much work up to the Holidays and then, Christmas itself; so I am much delayed in posting the final bit of information about what is new in the latest version.

There are various new outputs

Four Additional Outputs

  • IOpurFC (Income Over purchased Feed Costs
  • Purchased Cost/hd-
  • Total Manure N (g)
  • Total Manure P (g)

The first two are handy for evaluating feed costs

The latter two will be helpful as we look at excretions as a feed manageable parameter

These are input derived.


Starch Values are visible in the Feeds Screen



And in this screen


Also added is the ability to remove feeds

Only remove feed in not presently used in a recipe*

Allows for multiple feed removal

1. Click Clear All
to remove selection from all farm feeds

2. Select feeds you wish to remove from the farm

3. Click Remove Selected Feeds

A quick way to perform “Feed Housekeeping” and maintain manageable, uncluttered Farm Feedbanks

To finalize, Vijay also:

  • Fixed a bug in the Feeds window that generated and error message when sorting feeds by Source
  • Added company logos to the Feed and Composite Analysis Reports
  • Fixed a bug in the Feeds screen that generated an error when re-ordering feeds
  • Added additional vitamin/mineral values to total quantities of a vitamin/mineral contributed to the diet from Min/Vit or Commercial Min/Vit feeds
  • Added a link to our blog AMTS Ruminations to the Help Menu

That sums it up. We had a company meeting at which we discussed the next round of changes. We really try to listen to user feedback for advice about how to make the program better. Keep the suggestions coming.

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