Dr Mary Raeth at the University of Minnesota use the Academic Initiative to assist in teaching ration balancing to her undergraduate class. 2016 is her second year using the program in her classes. In 2015 Mariann and Dr Raeth collaborated in classroom teaching employing live webinar teaching units in a smart classroom. In a couple of sessions Mariann was able to introduce the  students to the program so that they could practice their own formulations. Mary wrote the following information:


“AMTS has been a very useful teaching tool for my Applied Dairy Nutrition course at the University of Minnesota.  With excellent technical support from AMTS, students were able to navigate AMTS.Cattle.Professional quickly with relative ease.  I greatly appreciate the opportunity for students to have access to this software program in order to gain valuable, hands-on dairy ration formulation experience. “


Dr. Mary Raeth

University of Minnesota

Department of Animal Science


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