Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems offers AMTS.Cattle™.Pro at a discounted rate for use in Academic Research. As part of our mission to forward research and education opportunities at the university level we are keen to provide quality programming to help students and professors in their research. We recently had a brief update from one of our users at Washington State University, Puyallup Campus. Guiling Ma is working with Dr. Joseph Harrison. She describes her research as follows:

“Our research uses AMTS to formulate two treatment rations. One ration is enriched in C16:0 fatty acids, and another one is enriched in C18:1 fatty acids. Using AMTS will help us conveniently modify the rations according to the nutrients supplies of each ration predicted by AMTS. Also we use AMTS to control the feed costs, it helps us to formulate more economic rations. “

We wish her the best at her studies and look forward to the information her research will provide. If you would like more information about our academic initiative, contact



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