Depending on where you are, Your clients are either busy planting or busy harvesting. Maybe this is the perfect time for you to give the Advanced Optimizer a spin…

During the month of May, AMTS.Cattle.Pro users can try out a free month of the Advanced Optimizer! We have updated the non-linear optimizer to offer a new advanced optimizer that solves using a genetic algorithm. The Advanced Optimizer can take rough diet of ingredients, given restrictions based on inventory and desired inclusion ranges, with guardrails set on desired results (outputs) and ‘breed’ a better ration.

Since releasing in March, many advanced optimizer subscribers have said how much they like the genetic optimizer. Sam wrote this blog outlining how to think about and use the genetic optimizer. Mariann and Sam teamed up to create two videos to help users understand how to set a ration up for optimizing and demonstrating the advanced optimizer in action.

Lynn is the gatekeeper for .Pro users wishing to give the Advanced Optimizer a trial. Contact her as soon as possible to take full advantage of all 31 days of free use! Isn’t it time you found out what the hubbub is about?


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