I recognize that it has been a little while since we have had any new stories up here on the blog site. Everyone has been very busy this winter, so busy that other projects—all of which are coming to a critical point at once—have been taking most of our time.


You will soon be seeing the results of those long hours. In the coming weeks we will be unveiling a few new initiatives. So as promised here is a little bit of a tease.

1. You can expect a release of AMTS.Cattle™.Pro v 3.5 in the next 10 days. Vijay and Tom have been busy adding components, improving usability, and stream lining screens. Many of the changes you will see are the result of feedback users offer to Lynn and Tom as they are working through rations. We value your input; our goal is to make you as efficient and as successful as possible. If we can do that through improvements to our program, bring on the suggestions. When Lynn returns from Western Canadian Dairy Seminar and is ready to field your questions we’ll release with an email blast, I will have some pieces highlighting new features.


2. We have been working on an Academic Packet for educators desiring to teach the CNCPS model in their Ruminant Nutrition classes. For the last several months our team has been compiling a portfolio of documents that we will send to our academic users. It will include information on the CNCPS biology, program tutorials, an annotated manual, practice exercises, example farms, and templates. It has been a collaborative effort; we have benefitted from assistance and input from some academics very well versed in the model. This endeavor should be ready for distribution by April.


  1. Tomorrow I am launching a new series called AMTS Around the World. We have users in 6 continents, I thought it would be wonderful to learn more about the farms and cattle in the many diverse regions the model is used. Over the last month I have contacted some of our global customers asking if they would guest post an article (or more) about the type of farming they do in their country or region. I have been receiving some responses; I think you are really going to like them. I will be posting two this week. The first is by Candelaria Ferrer Somaré, with GRUPO PILAR S.A., Argentina, about a training her group is holding this week. The second is by Marcos Neves Pereira, Professor at Universidade Federal de Lavras in Brazil.


Soybean fields in Argentina

Soybean fields in Argentina

So, check back for new posting this week. If you need to get in touch with Lynn, send her an email—she will be glad to answer any questions she might have.

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