The final few inputs in the cattle screen are arguably the most important pieces of information in the Cattle screen. We have yet to cover the information about hair coat, mud exposure, and panting, which we will. But, by far, the most critical information in this window is the inputs regarding Body Weight.


Body weight is used to:

  • Predict Intake
  • Energy Maintenance
    • Basal
    • Adjustments for activity
  • Protein Maintenance
    • Scurf
    • Urinary
  • Passage Rates
  • Growth
  • Pregnancy
  • Reserves

Inputted Bodyweight affects every section of the model!


The inputs for the Cattle screen are detailed and provide the brunt of the animal information used in the equations in the model. The better and more particular the numbers, the more useful and predictive the outputs can be.

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