I had a request that I should review the inputs in the Cattle Screen. Excellent! I very much like suggestions. As I reviewed the information I had about the inputs for the Cattle Screen, I realized there is a lot of information and each item has a reason for inclusion. Since the point of these daily posts is to give little bits of information, I will address this topic over a few days. In terms of importance to the model, the reason for collecting each piece of information is because it has bearing on some equation in the model.

Cattle screen

So, let’s look at the Cattle window in more detail.

group and location explain

Now we will break it apart, bit by bit.

recipe and animal type

In beef breeds, the 1996 Beef NRC equations are used starting at 1 day pregnant. For dairy breeds, the equations of Bell et al. are used. No pregnancy requirements are calculated until 191 days pregnant. At day 191 fetal growth really kicks in; Energy .63 Mcal NE/d, Protein about 800 g crude protein/d.

age and days pregnant

Tomorrow we will look at more inputs in the Cattle screen.

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