Ration Output Template is a feature found in the Recipe screen that allows you to view and edit the parameters that are most important to a particular group. Using a template, either one created by AMTS or a custom template you have created (tomorrow’s post) to limit the output results helps focus analysis on the most critical predictions, clearing away the “clutter” of information that is not as necessary at the moment.

heifer with templates

heifer templates off

The Recipe screen allows for two ways to apply the templates. The most visible option is to click the Apply R.O. Template on the ribbon bar.

Apply RO Templates

The second option is to Right Click on the right side of the Recipe window. The dialog box will offer the option to Apply Recipe Outputs Template with options the same as the Apply R.O. Template drop down.

Right click

There are a lot of adjustments and customization that can be done to the template form. Tomorrow we will look at changing the featured outputs in the templates to suit your specific needs.

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