In anticipation of the Annual Cornell Nutrition Conference we are publishing 31 Blog posts—one each day up until October 22, the first day of the conference, that will showcase a different aspect of working within AMTS.Pro. There are a number little “tips” and “tricks” that users of .Pro find helpful as they navigate through the program. Some of these posts will be about input information, some about maneuvering through screens, and some will be just pointers for helping you more efficiently work with the program. Check back every day to see what the post of the day is. Maybe you have a tip or trick that you can share! Drop us a message—you might find your idea featured in one of the postings!

Tip 1: Net Animal Value

In the Farm Screen there is a space for “Net Animal Value” The units on that number are currency value/unit weight. For example, in the United States, the number in that space would be entered as dollars/pound. The number you should use is the price of a springing heifer. If a spring heifer weighs 1200 pounds and she sells for $1200, the number entered would be $1.00. In the US the late summer average is between $.90 and $1.20.

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