Dr Chris Chase became the first presenter of the 2018 The Nutritionist series.

Dr. Chris Chase offered a very interesting presentation on the effects nutrition can have on the immune system. The first webinar of 2018, it was a continuation on the mini-unit on immunology and nutrition begun by Drs. Lance Baumgard and Michael Ballou in 2017. We were joined by Paula Turiello, translating into Spanish and broadcasting in Argentina, and Tom Long, our new partner in China. Tom translated into Mandarin. Marcelo Hentz Ramos from Brazil was unable to join us.

In addition to an excellent presentation, the question and answer period was terrifically informative.

Our 2018 webinars are co-hosted by  Paula Turiello in Argentinaand in China by Tom Long; the primary host is Mariann Fessenden in English for AMTS. The webinar would not be possible without the generous assistance of Ajinomoto HeartlandArm & Hammer Animal NutritionDairyLand Lab, Dairy One Forage LaboratoriesR&D Life Sciences,Perdue AgriBusinessKemin, ABVistaOrigination, Inc., NovaMeal by Novita Nutrition ,AdisseoAminoMax, Jefo, and QLF


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