Tomorrow night we will kick off the Third Season of The Nutritionist. Our speaker is Dr Barry Bradford for Kansas State University; his talk is Fiber, Fill, and Fermentability–What Determines Feed Intake in Dairy Cows. 


Dr Bradford was raised on a cow/calf operation in southwest Iowa. He received his bachelor’s degree at Iowa State University, then went on to obtain his doctorate in animal nutrition at Michigan State University, where his research focused on metabolic regulation of feed intake in dairy cattle. Presently, Dr. Bradford is a Professor of Metabolic Physiology in the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry at Kansas State University.  He currently oversees a diverse research program focused on interactions of inflammation and metabolism, signaling effects of nutrients, and novel approaches to formulation of dairy cattle rations.  In addition, he teaches more than 180 students per year in animal nutrition and physiology courses. Through his research and education efforts, Dr Bradford seeks to improve the sustainability of animal-derived foods primarily by improving the health and productivity of dairy cattle.

Barry lives in Manhattan with his wife, Sarah, and their children, Hannah, Kiernan, and Lydia. The Bradfords recently returned from a 6-month sabbatical in Australia as a Fulbright scholar where Berry worked on a next-generation approach to pharmaceuticals known as RNA interference.

Dr Bradford headlines a terrific line-up of speakers for 2017. Topics we will cover include environmental concerns, nutritional integration with other on-farm data gathering systems, grazing, nutrition as it relates to immunology, and more. In consideration of eastern hemisphere time zones, we will be shifting a couple of the webinars earlier. The complete roster and time schedule can be found on the 2017 The Nutritionist webpage.

We are passionate about providing the tools nutritionists need to best serve their clients–the farmers and the animals. We do these webinars as a way to get more information to anyone involved in production ruminant nutrition. The businesses who have partnered with us through their support and sponsorship share in this mission. We thank and acknowledge their support:


Aginomoto Heartland, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition, Cumberland Valley Analytical Services, DairyLand Lab, Dairy One Forage Laboratories, R&D Life Sciences, Adisseo, AminoMax, Jefo, and QLF

The webinar will start at 5:00 pm EST. Email for a link to sign in.

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