(Left to right): Kevin Rauchholz, instructor, followed by students Adam Meinert, Macala Ellis, Zachary Reimer, Kelvin Arnold, and Cassandra Haen (assistant coach) at the World Dairy Expo 2016 Cattle Judging

Kevin Rauchholz, instructor at Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, WS, was one of the earliest adopters of the AMTS Academic Initiative. Fox Valley is a hands on technical college what provides take-home management practices for those wishing to immediately join the work force. It serves as a springboard for students wishing to continue their education beyond the two-year degree. Kevin kindly provided the following blog about the use of the Initiative in his classes. Please enjoy the pictures he also provided. 

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Since partnering with AMTS.Cattle.Pro a little over three years ago dairy nutrition students at Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) are taking their nutritional training to a new level. With a passion for nutrition (FVTC) instructor Kevin Rauchholz has always taught students to balance heifer, dry cow, lactating cow and even a few steer rations. Now, with the incorporation of AMTS several students have been allowed the privilege of downloading the program with an academic license to practice ration balancing on their own for one year. One of the students from last year’s Nutrition and Ration Balancing class, Kayla Hetzel, is now studying Dairy Science at UW-Platteville. Kayla has been practicing ration balancing on her own in hopes of becoming a dairy nutritionist upon her graduation from UW-Platteville. In addition to allowing students to have a year long academic license, Mariann Fessenden, as Academic Liaison from AMTS, has visited FVTC twice to teach the basics of the AMTS program. It has been so exciting to see the students dig deeper into ration formulation.


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I Just Love MY AMTS Balanced Ration

I Just Love MY AMTS Balanced Ration

As Kevin stated, Mariann has visited twice (the last time in the only blizzard Wisconsin got all year; she had to buy a Packer’s Hat in case she got marooned–blend in!) Intended to expose students in ruminant nutrition programs to the science and program functionality of one of the most commonly applied global ration formulation platforms, the AMTS Academic Initiative provides the program and support materials without charge to qualifying educational institutions.