The Nutritionist 2015 Webinar Series

Dr. Tom Tylutki: Precision Nutrition, April 8, 2015

Dr. Tom Tylutki, PhD, CEO, AMTS, April 8, 2015

Precision Feeding~Using the CNCPS through AMTS.Cattle.Pro in formulation

The series is intended to give the presenters the chance to deliver messages devoid of company bias. Tom, who many know from his position as CEO of AMTS, continues to work on and contribute to the CNCPS model development. He does this from a purely scientific perspective; his webinar gave him the opportunity work in that realm.

During the presentation, Tom referenced information outside of the slide presentation. The links are as follows:

Tom’s  20 Questions for Herd Evaluation

A pdf for that information can be found here. You must be a registered user to access that paper

We also published these questions to our Blog in three posts a while back

Nutrition Tools: Tom’s Questions for Herd Evaluation–Heifer Group

Nutrition Tools: Tom’s Questions for Herd Evaluation–Dry Cow Group

Nutrition Tools: Tom’s Questions for Herd Evaluation–Lactating Cows

We experienced our first Spring lightening storm just prior to the webinar; this resulted in some connectivity issues that caused our audio to be a little choppy. As you listen, you may notice some dropped words, we hope it will not be too distracting.

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