AMTS Special Webinar

Dr Tom Tylutki

Dr Tom Tylutki: Feeding Strategies for crazy times

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022 it exacerbated an already volatile world pricing structure for feed, fuel, labor, and nearly every other input in food production. There is serious concern of global food shortages, extraordinary food cost inflation in countries that can get food, and supply chain problems for those countries that do have food to export. Combined with predictions of continued drought in major grain producing areas and the complications of entering the third year of a global pandemic, the outlook is grim. Tom looks a some of the issues he is seeing and advises on strategies for maximizing production not only to weather the crisis but also to make as much milk for a struggling world food supply. This is a long, scary webinar. We had great questions from around the world. We were honored to be joined by most of our AMTS distributors who asked questions or offered insights on their part of the world. Please feel invited to offer your questions and comments on the YouTube channel, we will check and respond.

Tom’s Presentation:

Tylutki Presentation PDF

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