The Nutritionist 2017 Webinar Series

Dr. Mark Hanigan: Is there really a single limiting amino acid? April 5, 2017

Dr. Mark Hanigan’s talk centered around the new Dairy NRC recommendations for amino acids.

Dr Hanigan presented an argument against considering amino acid and protein in the traditional weakest link or single limiting aa hypothesis. He proposed that we consider it rather a leaky bucket with, perhaps, multiple aa shortfalls limiting efficiency and productivity.

Our 2017 webinars are co-hosted by  Paula Turiello in Argentina and 3Rlab in Brazil by Marcos Neves Pereira; the primary host is Mariann Fessendenin English for AMTS. The webinar would not be possible without the generous assistance of Aginomoto HeartlandArm & Hammer Animal NutritionDairyLand Lab, Dairy One Forage LaboratoriesR&D Life SciencesAdisseoAminoMax, Jefo, and QLF


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