The Nutritionist 2017 Webinar Series

Dr. Ian Lean, Transition Cows and Pasture, May 10, 2017

Dr. Ian Lean, noted researcher, nutritionist, educator speaks to us from Australia.

We were very pleased to host a first, for us, webinar from the other side of the world. Ian Lean wears many hats serving as a veterinarian/nutritionist/ professor for Scibus, a nutrition extension group, and the University of Sydney. Dr Lean focused primarily on nutrition for the transition cow. He also covered the use of pasture in transition diets at the end of his discussion. Please note: The volume, especially for Dr Lean, is relatively soft. I increased it as mush as I could. You may need to set your system volume higher for this recording.

Our 2017 webinars are co-hosted by  Paula Turiello in Argentina and 3Rlab in Brazil by Marcos Neves Pereira; the primary host is Mariann Fessendenin English for AMTS. The webinar would not be possible without the generous assistance of Aginomoto HeartlandArm & Hammer Animal NutritionDairyLand Lab, Dairy One Forage LaboratoriesR&D Life SciencesAdisseoAminoMax, Jefo, and QLF


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