The Beef Nutritionist 2018

Each hour session is held on the second Wednesday of the month at 1:00 PM (UTC-4). A complete recording of each seminar will later be posted here. Pre-registration is required. For more information and registration, contact

Thank you to our 2018 session sponsors and co-host:  Paula Turiello in Argentina, and ABVista  

Ale Relling, May 9, 2018

Fetal Programming in Beef Cattle

Dr. Alejandro Relling from The Ohio State University joins us to kick off the first Beef Nutritionist 2018. Through default our regular The Nutritionist has focused on dairy nutrition topics. Dr Relling’s research on the nutritional status of the dam during pregnancy and the effects on the resulting calf are applicable for both beef and dairy animals.

Alfredo DiCostanzo June 11, 2018

Backgrounding in Beef Cattle
Dr Alfredo DiCostanzo will talk about using backgrounds, the process of utilizing available feedstuffs, to control the growth and sale date of growing animals to better adapt to market variables. Dr. DiCostanzo is a professor at the University of Minnesota and works in both feedlot and range raised beef production.

Dr. Danny Fox, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Cornell University, August 15, 2018

Accounting for factors affecting the accuracy of predicting performance of growing beef cattle

Performance is measured in growing cattle by  Average Daily Gain, days to reach target weight and grade, feed requirements, and cost of gain.  The primary factors affecting the accuracy of these predictions will be discussed including ration energy level, dry matter intake, environmental conditions, composition of weight gain, anabolic implants and feed additives.  The talk will include information in  the 2016 National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle and  in the second edition of Dr Fox’s collaborative textbook released in 2017, “The Ruminant Nutrition System; An Applied model for Predicting Nutrient Requirements and Feed Utilization in Ruminants”.

Dr. Jhones Sarturi, PhD, Texas Tech University, September 12, 2018

Beef Nutrition and Metabolism

Dr Sarturi received his DVW from the University for the Development of Pantanal Brazil and his PhD in animal science from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. His research focus is on beef cattle nutrition and ruminal metabolism. More specifically, the development of strategies to improve, evaluate, and better utilize byproducts, forages, and grains in ruminant diets.

Dr. Nicolas DiLorenzo

Improving forage utilization while minimizing environmental impact

Dr. Nicolas DiLorenzo received his degree in Agricultural Engineering from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina. His research focuses on ruminal metabolism and fermentation, emissions of greenhouse gases, and nutrient excretion in cattle systems.

Key Points About The Nutritionist

The presentation is in English on Cisco’s WebEx platform, approximately 60 minutes in length. Questions follow.
Spanish, Mandarin, and Portuguese language webinars are simultaneously translated and transmitted through other platforms.
Questions are fielded in all four languages and The flow of the talk is not interrupted for translation.
The audience is global—live attendees were primarily from the Western Hemisphere but also included European, Asian and African attendees.
The talks are non-commercial.

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