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We thrive on making AMTS Products the most trusted on the market. 


  • The linear optimization provides shadow prices and identifies the most limiting constraints. Subscriptions can be purchased for multiple years (locking in current prices).


  • Use the genetic algorithm optimization to maximize Income over Feed Costs or minimize Feed Cost. The Advanced Optimizer essentially works to Breed a Better Diet! .
Single invoice purchase of AMTS.Cattle.Pro and AMTS.Cattle.Pro(ao) Discount
Single invoice purchase 5-14 site licenses 5% Discount
Single invoice purchase 15-24 site licenses 10% Discount
Single invoice purchase 25-49 site licenses 15% Discount
Single invoice purchase 50-99 site licenses 20% Discount
Single invoice purchase 100+ site licenses 25% Discount


  • Together with a .Pro subscription, AMTS.Cloud will allow you to access your software remotely from wherever you have internet.


$50000First Year
  • Subsequent years $100.00/yr maintenance fee per license. The maximum AMTS.FBM annual maintenance fee is $3,000.00.
AMTS accepts the following forms of payment:
Checks ($ USD) • Electronic Transfer ($ USD) • Credit card over the phone • Credit card on-line
Questions regarding billing should be submitted via email to registration@agmodelsystems.com, or call 1.607.423.9058

Top Reasons Nutritionists Choose AMTS.Cattle.Professional™

  • User friendly 
  • Timely and fantastic tech support
  • We helped build the model, so we really get it
  • Incorporating new research continually
  • Practicing nutritionists on staff
  • Minimize repetitious data input & save time

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