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We thrive on making AMTS Products the most trusted on the market. 


  • The linear optimization provides shadow prices and identifies the most limiting constraints. Subscriptions can be purchased for multiple years (locking in current prices).


  • Use the genetic algorithm optimization to maximize Income over Feed Costs or minimize Feed Cost. The Advanced Optimizer essentially works to Breed a Better Diet! .


  • The basic program with the addition of a least-cost optimizer on the Mix screen that allows you to balance for major chemical composition, minerals/vitamins, and additives. Preview the mix in diets before accepting the final formulation!


  • Adds the power of the Advanced Optimizer AND the Mix Optimizer together for one low price. Users get the most advanced formulation power available! Find out how much you have been leaving on the table; bundle and save.


  • Quickly and accurately evaluate a mix of diets, environmental conditions, animal and feed characteristics, and economic situations to project animal performance and farm profitability for growing cattle.

Single invoice purchase of AMTS.Cattle.Pro and AMTS.Cattle.Pro(ao) Discount
Single invoice purchase 5-14 site licenses 5% Discount
Single invoice purchase 15-24 site licenses 10% Discount
Single invoice purchase 25-49 site licenses 15% Discount
Single invoice purchase 50-99 site licenses 20% Discount
Single invoice purchase 100+ site licenses 25% Discount


$50000First Year
  • Subsequent years $100.00/yr maintenance fee per license. The maximum AMTS.FBM annual maintenance fee is $3,000.00.  .FBM is NOT eligible for volume discounts.
AMTS accepts the following forms of payment:
Checks ($ USD) • Electronic Transfer ($ USD) • Credit card over the phone • Credit card on-line
Questions regarding billing should be submitted via email to registration@agmodelsystems.com, or call 1.607.423.9058

Top Reasons Nutritionists Choose AMTS.Cattle.Professional™

  • User friendly 
  • Timely and fantastic tech support
  • We helped build the model, so we really get it
  • Incorporating new research continually
  • Practicing nutritionists on staff
  • Minimize repetitious data input & save time

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