Dairy Margin Tracker

Dairy Margin Tracker is a suite of web-based dairy farm management tools consisting of the  Tracker Tool™ and the  Feed Tool™.

Developed by Dairy Solutions, LLC, a nutrition consultancy located in Michigan. The Dairy Margin TrackerTM  suite of software was created to help keep an eye on income over feed cost and track day-to-day farm operations.

The  Tracker Tool™ syncs your feed software with your milk lab analysis, and provides you with graphs and reports to track your profitability.  The  Feed Tool™ provides a web-based tool that can immediately communicate feed changes, feed costs, and daily rations to farm management, feeding crew and nutritionist. Alternatively, using the Feed ToolTM , you can pull down the most current farm management and feeding records to analyze and update formulation in a more timely manner.

In the current release of AMTS.Fram.Cattle.(pro), Feed ToolTM users can compare AMTS rations to Feed ToolTM rations in side-by-side Windows and make updates to either program as needed. This helps you complete the farm-to-consultant circle without using valuable time making appointments or keying in information.

Future development in AMTS.Farm and Feed ToolTM will allow further integration to share animal characteristics and production data, as well as ration and feed specifications.   This collaboration will increase the your efficiency and the your clients’ profitability.

For more information about the AMTS/Feed ToolTM  integration contact support.

Free trials of both the  Tracker Tool™ and the  Feed Tool™ are available at the Dairy Margin Tracker website.


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