Dr Antonio Faciola, from the University of Florida presents research highlighting canola meal as the main protein source in dairy diets.

Dr. Faciola has been involved in canola meal and soybean meal research studies during his tenure at the US Dairy Forage Research Center, as well as the University of Nevada and University of Florida. He has authored or co-authored eight articles in the prestigious Journal of Dairy Science on his canola meal research. Dr. Faciola demonstrated that canola meal improves milk production when it replaces soybean meal in the diet of dairy cows, which has contributed to the wider adoption of canola meal in diets for dairy cows throughout the USA and beyond.
Dr. Faciola holds degrees from the Federal University of Viçosa in Brazil, and the University of Wisconsin, and obtained postdoctoral training at Cornell University.

His presentation in pdf form:

The Canolamazing Faciola webinar PDF

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