Did you know that there is a setting in AMTS.Cattle.Professional that makes sharing your feed prices and specs quick and easy?  You can do so without emailing the feedbank files.

You are going to need 2 things: FBM and FTP.

FBM (AMTS.Feedbank Manager) is a tool which can be used to create and update a Master Feedbank of feeds and mixes.  This Master Feedbank will share data between common mill programs such as Brill, Format and BestMix  and AMTS.Cattle.Pro.  FBM will also enforce security settings for feedbanks and individual feeds, track which users change or create a feedbank, and keep a record of the date that feedbank values are changed.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol used to transfer files between computers.  You can create an FTP site (Google it) or your company may already have one (check with IT).  The FTP site has an address, similar to the mailing address for your house.


Moving Data from FBM to FTP:

  • Set FBM to FTP linked folder in FBM Settings – Program Settings – Feedbank Folder Location

Setting up AMTS.Professional to check the FTP site:

  • In AMTS.Cattle.Professional – Settings – Reconciling
  • In Feedbanks Reconciling section, click on Set FTP/File Info.

  • Enter FTP information.
  • Click on the “Add Feedbank to List” button, then enter the name of the feedbank(s) that you will want to reconcile. Click “OK” and you should see list of entered feedbanks.
  • Click on the “Test Connection” button to ensure that the entered information is correct. Then click “OK”.  At this point, the program should inform you that there are new feedbanks available and ask if you would like to download them.  Do so.  If you check your “Feedbanks” folder (inside the “AMTS.Cattle.Pro” folder in My Documents, by default), you’ll see that copies of these feedbanks have been added.

Feedbank Reconciling

With feedbank reconciling, a copy of .Pro is configured to check a specific FTP site for one or more specific feedbanks.  The first time .Pro is run on any given day, it will check the FTP site for the presence of the specified feedbanks.  If the feedbanks on the FTP site are more recent than those in the local “Feedbanks” folder, the user is informed and given the option to download and replace the older versions on his/her system.

Rather than having to wait until the next day to start up .Pro and have it check for new feedbanks (which you can certainly do, if you wish), go to the “Reconciling” tab of the “Settings” screen and click on the “Test Connection” button in the “Feedbanks Reconciling” section.  First you should get a message saying that your FTP connection is good and that the specified feedbanks are present.  Click “OK” and you will then get a message indicating that there are newer versions of the feedbanks available and asking if you would like to download them.

In this way your farm files are updated with the latest feedbank files created in FBM each time you start .Pro.

Caroline Rasmussen is the CFO of AMTS and support specialist for FBM


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