Since the introduction of the iPad a few years ago there has been a flurry of very portable smart devices into the market. These small computers take advantage of the almost ubiquitous internet connections to liberate formerly desk bound professionals and allow them to work almost anywhere.

The animal nutrition industry is a perfect candidate for this kind of solution: We have complex modeling programs requiring spot on animal and environmental inputs that are gathered in muddy, dusty, non-office environments. Additionally, teams of nutritionists would like to streamline cooperative work on customer accounts by being able to access all company farm files.

AMTS LLC is pleased to offer access to AMTS products via cloud computing. This allows you to access all your formulation files from iOS, Android, and almost any computer/device that can connect to the internet. AMTS.Cloud is available to AMTS software users for an additional fee and offers numerous benefits as well as dedicated support from Fred Rasmussen, a cloud computing specialist we have contracted with for this service. Not only does .Cloud facilitate .Pro in field use but it also eases synchronization with our other AMTS software.

Our servers are part of large server farms commercially used by companies and governments. The hosting company has multiple security certifications and ensures data redundancy to maximize system uptime. The AMTS.Cloud is managed as a “Virtual Private Cloud” meaning access is limited to AMTS users and management only. All internal access and security is managed via Microsoft Server  2008 R2 Datacenter using the Active Directory and Remote Desktop services. User data is accessible only by the user and AMTS administrators (limited access). Where possible, user and company names are kept generic (e.g. User1) thus keeping your use anonymous to other cloud users. Consulting groups and companies are also set to have shared folders. All users within a group/company will have access to these folders for shared communication and files. Additionally, AMTS has shared folders to provide you with common files (e.g. spreadsheets, pdfs, etc.) and for you to place files in to ask AMTS questions.

All data is backed up daily on the server. Normal server maintenance (including operating system and AMTS software) will occur over weekends whenever possible. Notifications will be posted on the server prior to maintenance or when upgrades are performed. Additionally, antivirus software is installed on the server and continuously updated.

AMTS.Cloud uses a ‘per user licensing model’. This means that you can access the cloud from any device; however, you CANNOT be logged on to one account from multiple devices at the same time. For example, if you are logged on via your iPad, you must log off before logging on with your iPhone.

To summarize, .Cloud is a reliable means of taking AMTS feeding software into the field. Instead of lugging a unwieldy laptop through the muck, you can update your files on a sleek lightweight tablet or smart phone (iPad, iPhone, Android and more). Gone are the days of jotting notes down on paper and re-entering the data when you return to home base. As long as you have access to the internet, AMTS.Cloud provides 24/7/365 availability to your files and consistent nightly backups. Corporate customers can easily share files between nutritionists. Fred will help you through the startup process which includes uploading files and getting synchronization software configured thus minimizing your learning curve. If you can run AMTS at home, you can run it in the Cloud! For just $150 per year we can add AMTS.Cloud to your current license. For more information contact Fred Rasmussen.

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