Our Staff & Consultants

We feel that our team is not limited to AMTS partners and employees. Important members of our team include our distributors, business partners and “on-demand” independent consultants, learn more about them below our employee bios.

Tom Tylutki
Tom TylutkiPresident and CEO
President and CEO, Tom Tylutki, holds a PhD from Cornell University and has been involved in the development and training of the original Cornell model since 1990.
Vajesh Durbal
Vajesh DurbalCDO
Vajesh Durbal was the programmer for the Cornell group and was responsible for the Development of CNCPS versions 4 and 5, Cornell Cropware versions 1 and 2, and the 2001 Dairy NRC Model. He holds a BS and two MS degrees, from Cornell University and Illinois State University.
Caroline Rasmussen
Caroline RasmussenCFO
Caroline Nowak Rasmussen has coordinated multiple economic and animal modeling projects at Cornell University. She also was responsible for the Beef Farm Business Summary. Caroline holds a BS from Cornell University.
Lynn Gilbert
Lynn GilbertMarketing & Support
Lynn Gilbert is responsible for North American Marketing and Support. She holds an AS degree in Agronomy from SUNY Morrison and a BS in Animal Science from Cornell University. She is a practicing nutritionist in Upstate New York.
Mariann Fessenden
Mariann FessendenCommunications & Education
Mariann Fessenden, holding a BS from Cornell in Animal Science, wears many hats. She is our Academic Liaison, Distributor Champion, primary blogger, website manager, and documentation provider.
Astrid Steed-Hughes
Astrid Steed-HughesAdministrative Assistant
Astrid Steed-Hughes, serves as Administrative Assistant and is responsible for the day to day office operations at our headquarters. Astrid is a graduate of Willhelm-Merton Vocational School, Frankfurt, Germany, where she obtained her Associates Degree in Office Administration.
Fred Rasmussen
Fred RasmussenSupport & Maintenance
Fred Rasmussen is responsible for Support and Maintenance of AMTS.Cloud, AMTS.FaaS.CNCPS and multiple other projects. He graduated from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, with B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering. Fred is one of our contractors who fulfills a vital support role for our team.
Sam Fessenden
Sam FessendenTechnical Support
Sam holds three degrees in Animal Science: a PhD and a BS from Cornell University and a MS from University of Minnesota. Sam has been working with and conducting research using the CNCPS model since 2010. His PhD research focused on rumen nitrogen metabolism and prediction of amino acid supply. Sam provides global technical and nutritional support.


We strongly believe that each new user should go through our training process.

Although our software is easy to use, it has many optional, advanced features designed to maximize efficiency. We have found that a solid understanding of the biology is necessary to acquire true mastery of the program and fully benefit from the nuances it brings to ration formulation. For this reason, AMTS conducts numerous training sessions both on program usability and model biology, throughout the US (and internationally) year round.

Go to our support page to find upcoming events or schedule your own free training session.

Contact AMTS Sales at: sales@agmodelsystems.com for more information.


Academic Options

It is our policy to provide discounted licenses of AMTS.Cattle™.Pro to Universities and teaching facilities for teaching (free) and research (1/2 price). We have developed a comprehensive packet of materials that instructors and their assistants use AMTS.Cattle™. Pro to teach the CNCPS Model to their students. For more information contact support@agmodelsystems.com.

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